Our Works

Take a look into some of our experiences

We cover everything under digital marketing. Here are our previous work experiences for your reference. Contact us for a free quote and see the results by yourself.

We can Design & Run a Website

We fully design and manage the websites as per client requirements. These are some of our works and we are still managing the below websites to maintain an average traffic of 500,000+ page views every month. 

Flipshope Blog Design
Monthly Page views: 250,000+

Flipshope Blog

Fully responsive blog website. Designed by primarily focused on speed, optimization and readability. We promote regular blog posts to maintain an average traffic of 250,000+ per month

couponswala website design
Monthly Page views: 100,000+


Minimalist coupon website to showcase top running offers and deals from online shopping websites of India. Visit the below link to check the website

adsdigitalmedia website
Monthly Page views: 50,000+


Digital Marketing agency to help people learn online tutorials and to target clients who are looking for similar services.

Autobuy website design
Total Installations: 500,000+


This website is to help people buy flash sale products with a single click. Chrome extension focusing on installation

dataextractor website

Data Extractor

Extract any type of Data by using this tool. Works on all websites. Free and reliable service suitable to everyone

leadsharvester website


Extract leads from LinkedIn or any other social media. Offers B2B, Real-Estate, Facebook Lead Generation

We apply Growth Hacking

Check the below image, we apply secret growth hacking techniques to grow your business. We managed to keep CPC as low as 0.4 Rs per click. Don’t ask for our secrets but let us help you on the same. Get your Free Consultation today!

Project Details:

Name: Undisclosed

Type: Website

Duration: 1 year

Total clicks: 3 Million

Amount Invested: 1.2 million Rupees

Remarks: The above report is for Google Ads. We managed to get a click at 0.4 Rs where the industry average stands at 3 Rs. 

We know how to Bring Traffic

Struggling to get traffic to your website? Then we let above numbers speak for ourselves. We are a team of 5+ years in-experience Digital Marketeers. We can bring traffic to any website on the internet. Just drop your details with us and we will in touch shortly

Project Details:

Name: Undisclosed

Website Type: Blog

Duration: Aug 2016 to Aug 2018

Total Page Views: 32 Million+

Type of Traffic: 70% Organic, 25% Direct and 5% Paid Ads

Remarks: We achieved less than 800 website rank in India and less than 15000 in the whole world. This was made possible by the team of AdsDigitalMedia.  

We can make it TREND

Our team of expert can make it trend anything on the internet. Let me be an android app or hashtag we know how to do it. Here are the details to one of our best trending project of last year

Project Details:

Name: Autobuy

Category: Shopping

Date: March 2019

Top Position: Number 1

Total Downloads: 100,000+ in 3 weeks

What we Offer: Social Media Marketing Services

Remarks: We beat Amazon, TataCliq and many other top shopping sites to make AutoBuyApp trending in shopping category for 2 weeks

We can monetize your Business

At AdsDigitalMedia we believe that you should get returns to all of your investments. Let it be visitors, leads or anything. We are here to monetize your business to help you create another source of income or get more returns from your current one.

Project Details:

Name: Undisclosed

Revenue Source: Google Ads

Duration: 20 Months

Total Income: 18 lac Rupees

Target Methods: Blog Trafficc

Remarks: We optimized the Google ads on a blog website and the results are 1 lac Rupees income every month.